Babysitting in Christ

We’ve never know how busy of being parents. We are supposed to register his birth and apply national insurance in Tokyo government within 2 weeks after he was born. Grace and Enoch returned home from maternity clinic 1 week after he was born because he is delivered by Caesarean-section, so that we only have 5 working days to do the that job for him. And 2 more weeks later, we have to apply his foreigner residence card in Japan immigration. PTL Chinese Fellowship members and pastor Dale Little of TMC are willing to take care Enoch while we have to do those applications, and thanks God his residence card is issued a few days later. We are surprised his expiration date of staying in Japan is longer than 2 of us. We are applying his passports now, and it requires a certain period to be completed, so we sometimes tell the joke to TMC church members, please adopt Enoch as their son in case he can’t leave Japan because his application of passport wasn’t completed yet and we have to leave Japan because we can’t extend our religious visas any more.