Family vaccines

We thanks God Enoch has good health report from the clinic where he was born and returned home safely. When he was 2 months old, he started to receive many vaccines. He got 3 shoots and drank one in March, then he will get 4 more shoots and drink one more in April. PTL Enoch wasn’t sick since he was born. Actually we are being parents by faith and we pray that the Lord will show us how should we child him up as a healthy kid who fear the Lord. We’ve expected for a furlough in Macau longer than a year. Although Enoch can’t receive Covid19 vaccine now, thanks God where we live has started to let elders and patients be vaccinated already. We will register for the vaccination in this 2 months, and we expect we can be vaccinated in June. For a better preparation of a trip to Macau anytime.