Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Thanks God for He always protects us!

Our Schedule of Furlough?!?

We’ve applied Enoch’s Portuguese ID card in October. After two weeks, a letter is sent from Portugal to inform us his card is ready to be picked up. So that we’d requested an appointment to apply his Passport by Email immediately, but we still didn’t receive any reply after a month. Finally, we found out the Embassy didn’t receive it because their address is renewed. Anyway, praise the Lord that Enoch has made an appointment of passport application in 7th Feb and we know that he can go to Macau by the reason of visiting relatives in pandemic. Although Omicron is being serious recently, in additional of the unstable flights schedule, we still expect a furlough at home asap.

Caroling “in person”

We are happy to worship “in person” at TMC from Oct. It is true some people still not good to come to church in pandemic, so that we’ve decided to keep live-streaming TMC Services. Kevin initialised this ministry, and thanks God some members start to help from the last few months. So that he doesn’t need to worry about it even when we are in furlough. After 2 years later, we’ve resumed TMC Caroling in Christmas. Thanks God for the warm weather & the flea market in park, it made us outreached more people than before. And 200 packs of present including Christmas story book, mask, stationary and toy were distributed quickly. And sure we do let everyone know Jesus is the only one who gives salvation, joy and peace to the world during this season.

Fellowship Gathering “Simultaneously”

Half of the TMC Chinese Fellowship gatherings are online in 2021. After Tokyo lifted its “State of Emergency”, we begin to meet at TMC and Zoom “simultaneously”. Beside the meetings is back to church, we also visited each others too! TMC Chinese relationships has grown these years, and we are planning our fellowship gatherings will be more casual than before, let us enjoy the study about the book of “Revelation”, and the growth of our relationships with each others.

Red Eyes Lessons

Kevin has taken “Theological Research Method” in Autumn. He has to study in mid-night because of time difference than Los Angeles. He thanks God for he has reached the requirement of the course last term, but he has to work harder in Fall because he has taken “Augustinian Theology” and it requires more effort. CESNA allows students write papers either in Chinese or English. Although Kevin can borrow English books from his former school TCU, he still needs Chinese reference books, so that purchasing theological books will be on our furlough schedule.

Praise and Pray:

  1. Thanks God Enoch will apply his passport in 7th Feb, pls pray we can return for furlough asap.

  2. Thanks God TMC resumed Services in person, pls pray for enough people can help TMC live-streaming ministry in future.

  3. PTL Chinese Fellowship back to church, pls pray that we will enjoy the study of “Revelation”.

  4. Thanks God Kevin has passed his course in Autumn, pls pray he can study well in mid-night.

May our God’s protection be with all of you and your families!

Kevin、Grace & Enoch