Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Thanks God for fulfilling us by His Heavenly Peace during the pandemic!

Third and Fourth?

While the first “State of Emergency” was lifted at the end of March; TMC resumed worship service in person immediately, and we also held a “social distancing picnic” on Easter Sunday afternoon. Although everyone have to prepare their meals for themselves, it reminds everyone how we enjoy our potlucks at church after we have stopped it longer than a year. Unfortunately a month later, The pandemic made Tokyo announced their third “S.O.E”, and we “have to” move all the services online again. Until Tokyo government changed “S.O.E” to “Focus Restriction” by the end of June, TMC has worshiped and gathered online longer than 4 months this year. While “F.R” is announced, Covid cases has rising again, especially IOC chairman has arrived Japan and said Olympics can be held even Tokyo is under “S.O.E”. Base on the rising cases and other reasons, TMC leaders think the fourth “S.O.E” should be announced in Tokyo in the mid of July. However, we still have His peace in our hearts because we know our Lord is with us!

A Fruitful Fellowship

Chinese Fellowship meeting online during May and June because of the third “S.O.E”, it made us reunited with Zealyn who has returned Singapore after graduated last year. Although Japanese language student Kevin who came from Hong Kong and living an hour away from TMC, he joined our fellowship because we do that online. He has attended a few evangelistic meetings. Although he is still seeking God, he has joined worship services in Hong Kong churches recently. Brother Liu came to faith and was baptised at TMC 2 years ago, and he has became a key member of Chinese Fellowship now. So that we pray for Kevin will accept Christ soon, and become anther fruit of Christ at TMC.

Milk or Food?!?

Early June, while we are applying birth registration for Enoch in Embassy, we found that we’ve missed the Hague Apostille from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on his Japanese birth record. Thankfully the consul has accepted our application form and other documents, and willing to wait for us sending them our completed birth record later. Enoch is already 5 months and a half, and he has started eating baby food at least one meal every day. It is still hard for us to believe how fast he grows physically, but we pray that his growth of knowing God will be the same as his body!

Praise and Pray:

  1. Thanks God TMC resumed worship services in person after “S.O.E” is lifted, pls pray for God’s Heavenly Peace will be with us in any pandemic condition.

  2. Thanks God for overseas Chinese can unite at online TMC Chinese Fellowship, pls pray for Kevin from Hong Kong will accept the gift of salvation from our Lord soon!

  3. Thanks God Enoch’s application for his passport is already in the half way, pls pray for both his spiritual and physical growth in Christ will pleased our Lord!

May the Peace of our Lord will fulfil all of your hearts abundantly!

Kevin、Grace & Enoch